10 Reasons Your Company’s Website Needs an Active Blog

10 Reasons Your Company’s Website Needs an Active Blog

No matter what sort of product or service your company offers, it’s high time that you added a blog to your website. It’s truly a mystery as to why some websites simply ignore the fact that they are falling behind with an active blog.

Hesitant to dedicate the time to start a blog for your company? Don’t be! Check out these 10 reasons you should start one ASAP:

1) A blog helps improve your website’s SEO

Creating content for your company’s blog helps improve search rankings in a number of different ways. From having a more robust website with more pages, to creating resources that other people are linking to, don’t underestimate the SEO value of having a blog.

2) You can create a nice following that carries over to social media

The more you blog and create valuable content, the more people will come to your blog. This means more shares via social media. Social media and blogging go hand in hand (more on that with #5), and the growth of your blog will relate directly to the growth of your social media communities.

3) A blog is great for engaging with your customers

Engaging with customers and potential customers is key in the digital marketing age. A blog is a great place to do that. You can create conversation and get great feedback directly from the people who use your product or service the most.

4) Your blog can become an industry resource

With time and effort, you can turn your blog into a go-to resource for people in your industry. If your company is in a lesser-known niche, this is especially important.

business-blogging5) Creating a blog gives you your own content to share on social media

Why share other’s content on your social media channels when you can share your own? Create a blog, write some content, and use your social media channels to promote it!

6) A blog can help you generate leads

Blogs are becoming one of the hottest resources when it comes to lead gen, especially when you write your posts with call-to-actions in mind.

7) You can host guest articles from industry leaders and influencers

Once your blog gains some traction, you can invite industry leaders and influencers to write guest posts for you. This will help bring a whole new audience to your blog, which can help grow your readership and ultimately your business.

8) Blogging is a relatively low cost form of marketing

When compared with other forms of marketing, blogging is relatively cost-effective. If you’re a small business, you don’t even need a dedicated copywriter; take some time out of your day to write a blog post.

9) A blog can make for some great, easy PR

You can use your blog as a public relations tool. It’s a great place to announce new products and services in the form of press releases, and you can grow the blog by generating hype for these announces.

10) Plain and simple: blogging is easy

Blogging really isn’t that difficult. It just takes time. Do your research, sit down and write, and get started on your company’s blog!

Image courtesy of bloggingpro.com