5 Reasons Images Matter to Your Marketing Efforts

5 Reasons Images Matter to Your Marketing Efforts


When you go about promoting your brand, marketing it effectively is as important as anything you will do in the course of a day, week, month, even the entire year.

In order to successfully market your brand, you need to make sure you are using myriad of tools at your disposal.

These tools can (and should) include such options as blog posts, social media, podcasts, videos, promotional brochures are more.

While that may sound like a tall order to fulfill, stop and think about where you would be without any sustainable marketing efforts.

For starters, not many consumers would know about your brand, something that can send a business to a slow and painful death before long.

Secondly, you would have trouble keeping current customers interested in your products or services if they did not hear about the specials and other goodies you have available.

Lastly, your competition would seize on the fact that you are doing little or nothing with marketing, giving them a clear advantage when it comes to brand promotions.

So, do you see now (if you had not already before) why your marketing game must always be moving ahead, not sitting idly by as competitors look to steal your thunder?

Marketing Why Your Brand is Superior

As part of your brand marketing efforts, it is imperative that you put a happy face on any and all promotions you do.

So, what exactly is that happy face that you need to put out there?

It essentially means giving consumers a reason to want to do business with you. Why is that? Because you are a business that not only offers good products and services, but you also are enjoyable to work with. Face it; not many consumers want to deal with a business owner being grumpy all the time and/or a staff that exhibits the same.

So as you go about marketing your website now and into the New Year, remember five reasons why positive images should be part of those efforts, along with how they truly mean so much in those efforts.

They are:

  1. Helping customers – As mentioned a moment ago, customers have enough going on in their daily (not to mention oftentimes stressful) lives that they don’t need negativity around you or your staff. Sure, some days on the job are downright tiring and frustrating, but you’ve got to push forward. Even on those challenging days, make sure you and your team are positive in any and all interactions with customers, be they in-person or over the phone etc. Putting positive images of you and/or your staff on your website helping out customers is a great PR move, not to mention a good way to entice potential customers to head your way;
  2. Employees working together – Do you as a consumer feel a little uneasy about a brand when you go to the company’s website, only to see no images of the staff? Avoid being one of those companies by putting your team’s photos on your website. In general, consumers like working with companies when they can put a face with a voice on the phone or a name in an email. By doing so, you humanize the process more, not to mention give consumers an idea of whom to deal with should they need to visit your business in the flesh;
  3. Videos tell a story – While you may not be a whiz behind a video camera, many other people are. Using occasional videos to document your brand to consumers is typically a win-win for both parties. The consumers gets a snippet (typically no more than 60 or 90 seconds works) of your business, you in turn get to showcase your brand in a way that shows you are aware of how effective video truly can be in brand promotions;
  4. Products and services – Whether you use images or videos (both are fine too), putting them to work for your products and services is another way to market your brand. For example, in the event you sell antiques, visual images of them on your website go a long way in determining what consumers are most interested in. This can also help you in terms of stocking up on what sells most and what might be garnering little or no interest;
  5. Customer testimonials – Finally, you can use imagery as part of your customer testimonials. In using customer testimonials, you have one of the best means possible to market your brand. What better way to get other consumers interested in your products or service than by having actual customers basically marketing your brand for you? When doing this, make sure that customers are happy and excited to be pitching your brand, something that can be made even more possible by rewarding them for their time and efforts.

In order to effectively market your brand, you need to get the entire picture.

Part of that picture is making sure you, your staff, and even your customers are happy to be along for the ride.