Guest Blogging: No, It’s Not Dead. Yes, It Has Changed.

Guest Blogging, the more things change the more they stay the same

In the news lately has been a host of articles related to what’s aptly referred to as the Google zoo. With Panda 4.1 rolling out towards the end of September and Penguin 3.0 rolling out slowly over the past few weeks, search engine blogs are dominated by articles discussing aglorithm updates, and even things like whether or not Google’s head of search spam will even return to his post next year.

What WE want to talk about are techniques. In fact, let’s get to talking about proven techniques that actually work. We’re referring to strategies that can be employed by anyone, no matter how big or small the budget. We’re talking about REAL online PR. We’re talking about link earning. And we are talking about traffic. We are not talking about automated outreach, or poorly written articles, posted on irrelevant sites, with nothing but keyword-rich links pointed to the same site throughout.

We’re Talking About Guest Blogging

But, you say, “Guest blogging is dead! I heard it from the horse’s mouth earlier this year!”

Nope. Wrong. Guest blogging is not dead. Has guest blogging changed? Sure, of course it has. But it’s far from dead. So let’s talk about just how much guest blogging has changed, while at the same time remembering Bon Jovi’s famous line, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Guest blogging is less of an SEO strategy, and more of a content marketing strategy

Maybe we can consider guest blogging a good microcosm for the SEO industry as a whole. What used to maybe be quick and easy now is time consuming and difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort to see results in a successful strategy.Sale

With the growth of content marketing over the last few years, businesses have looked to grow and find new customers and opportunities by creating relevant content in the forms of videos, articles, how-to demonstrations, and more. Including guest blogging as a content marketing strategy allows businesses to find new opportunities to “advertise” on sites where potential customers or opportunities may be lurking, and chances are not all these opportunities are aware of your site.

Web user A reads an article you wrote on a popular blog they visit. Wow, they think, this information is incredibly useful and informative! When checking out who the content was written or sponsored by, they are directed to your site.

Guest blogging is underutilized as a content marketing strategy. Now having said that, it’s important to remember…

Guest blogging remains one of the best ways to earn links

If you do still want to look at guest blogging exclusively through an SEO lens, then you don’t have to look any farther than the links you’re building through a guest blogging campaign. While creating good, relevant content that will drive traffic to your site should be the primary reason for guest blogging, links remain an added benefit.

The links that you earn from conducting a guest blogging campaign are true, organic, perfectly natural links that will do wonders not only in the immediate future but also for years down the road. Years and years after your finished with a guest blogging campaign you’ll continue seeing the search engine benefits.

If you conduct real outreach, with real authentic writing done, by real experts, a guest blogging campaign will work better for you in 2015 than it has in the past. Take that to the bank.

It can be done on a big level, and scaled

Guest blogging done correctly can even be authentically scaled. What a few years ago could’ve only been done somewhat in-authentically by a computer can now be done by a human using a variety of tools and software.

One can look at the phrase it takes a village to raise a child in this situation. It takes a team to conduct a guest blogging campaign. One person might conduct the outreach on behalf of the CEO, and then another person might ghostwrite the article on the CEO’s behalf. Or maybe the CEO even wants to be in on the action.

Regardless, if done correctly, it’s easy to scale a guest blogging campaign, and still conduct it efficiently and successfully (albeit organically). Guest blogging in 2015 and beyond will clearly be more about successful collaboration, and less a one-man job.

No, it’s not dead

Guest blogging isn’t dead. It’s not going anywhere. Guest blogging is more successful than it’s ever been. And if you haven’t run a campaign for yourself, it’s time to start.

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