Why Integrated Marketing is the Best Approach for New CMOs

integrated marketingThere’s an old saying in marketing, that trying to market without data is like flying blind. As you spend time marketing a product or a brand in different ways, you should certainly start to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t work for that brand, and you can fall back on that information to guide future endeavors.

What do you do when you don’t have very much data to work with, though? What happens when either the brand itself is new, or you are simply a new CMO? Is flying blind your only real option here?

It can certainly feel that way, but there is a way to mitigate your lack of data. An integrated marketing approach will help you move forward even without a great deal of information to fall back on, and to start getting real results in your brand promotion.

What is Integrated Marketing?

But what is integrated marketing? Essentially, it is an approach that pulls together different tools and perspectives, uniting them into a seamless effort to promote your business or brand.

Rather than focusing solely on search engine optimization (SEO) to gain visibility on Google, for example, an integrated marketing professional might pair it with paid advertising, thus pursuing both organic and paid search engine exposure. This ensures a more holistic and comprehensive approach—one that is more likely to get results.

Likewise, an integrated digital marketing strategy might pull together aspects of content marketing, online reputation management, and social media ads, all of these different channels directed toward the same common purpose. An integrated marketing strategy is essentially about using all the tools at your disposal—and it’s an approach I’d recommend for all CMOs, but new ones, in particular.

Why Integrated Marketing Makes Sense

The reason for this? With integrated marketing, you can avoid putting all your eggs into one basket. You may have a brand for which Twitter advertising simply doesn’t work, and for you to put all your marketing dollars toward that would be devastating. Without data and analytics, you may not realize it until it’s too late—but with integrated marketing, you can cover all your bases and ensure that you’re effectively promoting the brand. Subsequent reports may reveal that you should be allocating less money to Twitter and more to AdWords, just as an example, but your overall effort will not have been in vain.

As the CMO of Digital Advertiser, I know that what clients are really looking for is for their bottom line to improve—and that’s what an integrated marketing approach always aims for. If you’re flying blind, you may not know the best way to build your brand, but the integrated approach ensures that you’re making positive steps in the right direction. For new CMOs, I think the path forward is simple: Rather than pick one thing you hope will work, take an approach that is truly comprehensive.

Author Al Sefati is a friend and colleague, in addition to being the CMO of Digital Advertiser and an all around great guy.

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