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Technical SEO ServicesStay ahead of your competitors

Search engine optimization is one of the central points of your Internet marketing strategy. Whether you’re selling health care or hand made jewelry, chances are your customers are using a search engine to look for you.

In order to move up the search engine rankings, a number of different signals must be analyzed. Is your website easy to navigate? Are the search engines crawling all of your pages? A comprehensive SEO strategy is always evolving, and will offer an ROI that other marketing tactics can’t even compete with.

Letting our experienced agency SEO consultants develop a customized SEO strategy for you free of charge is step one into making sure you can match up with your competitors.

Results-driven and comprehensive

Technical SEO Foundations

Keyword Research

Finding and targeting the right keywords is critical to a successful SEO campaign.

Technical SEO Audits

Identify any technical issues, crawl errors, broken pages, or other site various errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical SEO encompasses a wide range of SEO tactics and techniques. It can involve things like improving page load speed, indexing, Hreflang tags for international SEO, addressing duplicate content, broken links, broken pages, bad redirects, and much more. 

At Organic Media Group, we have seen and done it all. We are more than capable of tackling any and all technical SEO issues. 

The short answer is not particularly. But the long answer is that they should be done together. In some instances we get clients that come to us that already have the right keyword targeting, but that are facing some sort of major technical issues that they want us to address. Or vice-versa. So there are instances where you would need one and not the other. 

We always asses each client’s specific needs and tailor our approach to fit, looking for the fastest and most effective route to ROI four our clients. 

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