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Organic Media Group is an SEO agency that revolves around an ecosystem where increased organic traffic and sales come by the way of 4 different core strategies. The three core strategies SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing all work together in unison to generate traffic and branding. But these three things also spurn the fourth core strategy, Compliant Linkbuilding. Everything we do has been tested over the years, so we KNOW that our strategies work and will increase your traffic and sales. A foundation of strong content, supported by SEO and social media, will generate natural compliant linking which is the foundation for organic search traffic growth.

Miguel Salcido

CEO of Organic Media Group

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the central points of your Internet marketing strategy. Whether you’re selling health care or hand made jewelry, chances are your customers are using a search engine to look for you.

In order to move up the search engine rankings, a number of different signals must be analyzed. Is your website easy to navigate? Are the search engines crawling all of your pages? A comprehensive SEO strategy is always evolving, and will offer an ROI that other marketing tactics can't even compete with. Let our experienced agency SEO consultants develop a customized SEO strategy for you free of charge is step one into making sure you can match up with your competitors.

Social Media Optimization

Social media has evolved to become a place of sharing, discussion, and feedback. Curating a discussion around your product or service is a vital part of your marketing plan.

Think of social media like a marketplace. Potential customers are out there, browsing your product and sharing it with their friends. How can you be sure you're getting the most out of this marketplace? A comprehensive social media plan includes content promotion, engagement, analytics, and more. It's a way to further push your brand out into the world, and create discussion. Optimize your social media strategy, and your company will grow.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating valuable content that users want to share, comment on, and interact with. Create a destination for your niche.

In today’s search engine filled world, it’s often said that content is king. But that content needs to be valuable. In order to distinguish your brand from the rest, it's important to create a content marketing plan that makes your website a destination full of valuable resources. Content marketing involves planning, writing, editing, and promoting. Create something worth linking to, and the benefits will follow. Whether it's a company blog, how-to resources, or videos, creating and promoting content is key to growth in the digital age.

Organic Linkbuilding

Link building is where all the other three strategies come together. We are THE premier SEO agency for link building.

Using a variety of proven techniques, Organic Media Group builds and earns links to your website and content in all different corners of the web. Don't leave your link building up to a computer; a real human, conducting real outreach, is what you need to safely and effectively build links that will benefit your website for years to come. Our SEO agency builds high quality, effective, editorial links via our guest posting service to build real online PR for your company.
Our link building is so effective, many top national and international digital and search agencies come to us for help with their link building! Let our successful SEO consulting guide your link building strategy to success.

Why Work With Us

Miguel is brilliant in SEO and brings a sense of optimism to things that makes him a joy to work with. We've tackled creative solutions and collaborated to integrate SEO and social media on projects. I have learned a lot about SEO working with him and continue to via his blog and availability on Twitter. I highly recommend Miguel as an SEO and digital marketing expert. -- Melonie Gallegos, Co-founder; Chief Strategist at

Miguel is a proactive, diligent and imaginative professional. I have witnessed him identify an opportunities, formulate plans of action and follow his vision to completion regardless of the obstacles in his path. I would recommend Miguel to anyone who would like to benefit from his skill, positive attitude and experience. -- Grant Reinero, Creative Director at Media, Inc

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