Keyword Research

Keyword Research that lays the foundation

Our proven approach to keyword research lays the foundation for your growth in revenue from organic traffic. By focusing on transactional keywords, that will drive the RIGHT type of visitor, we find a quicker route to ROI for our clients than most other SEO agencies. We also don’t shy away from targeting THE most competitive terms in our clients’ niches. These are often the most profitable after all. 

Our Approach

We utilize industry leading tools like SEMrush, Moz, and AHREFS; as well as Google Search Console in order to get a well rounded look at your keyword universe.

Identify keywords you already rank for that we can push to page 1

Finding "low-hanging fruit" keywords that you are already ranking for on pages 2-5 in Google can provide a good ROI on your SEO budget in a relatively short period of time. We can typically focus link building on these terms and push them to page 1 within a couple of months with a good link building budget.

Identify opportunities to target new keywords

Not all keyword opportunities are worth it. In this phase we sift through mountains of keyword data to find out best opportunities. We focus on overall attainability of the keyword target and whether or not the keyword is transactional or not.

Categorize keywords into topic clusters and assign them to pages

Targeting the right keywords on the right pages is critical. As is building new and supporting content topics for our main, high-value, keyword terms. This is where content marketing starts to come into play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keyword research is the process of finding terms that your target audiences searches in Google in order to find your products and services. Finding keywords that have the right mix of relevancy, volume of searches, and difficulty is the idea. 

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